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Shamanic Journey UPDATES in South America (The Journey - Episode 53)

Shamanic Journey UPDATES in South America (The Journey - Episode 53)

Good day beautiful Beings, Today.. I give some long awaited updates on my situation here in Peru, South-America. I needed to give some little updates since I have been focusing on creating shorts and content for all of you lately. After being here(South-America) for over a year now. I give updates on what happened to me in the last months and my plans moving forward. Also mixing some lessons I have been challenged with lately also. My plans are constantly changing because I have to stay adaptable with the ever changing world, but the END goal remains the same. Becoming a Shaman :D. Enjoy the Long awaited Update from the Journey. Have a beautiful day! Sending Much love to all of you :) Peace! Nick ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Autosubscribe Link Youtube: Main Website: Contact me: -- If you want to support this channel, I do accept Donations: @ Support me on SubscribeStar: I accept CryptoCurrencies: Bitcoin: 3FESdasZfmg7iHLEAaXP3ApgNZH3GXLt9Q Ethereum: 0x056CC28Ae32336e8784E11A7168a668fAE654806 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on other Platforms: Youtube: (SpiritualSelfMastery) Tik Tok: (SpiritualSelfMastery) Rumble: SpiritualSelfMastery(Truthseeker39Official)
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